May 2012

Dear friends,

As some of you may know our family has been recently faced with a sad event and a great challenge…

On April 3rd, during a research trip in California, Emil has suffered an unexpected medical emergency. Emil and Flory were in Loma Linda at the invitation of their friend Dr. Brandstater, when suddenly during dinner, to everyone’s shock, Emil showed the signs of a stroke.

He was immediately rushed to the Redlands Hospital ER where he was promptly administered emergency stroke medication (TPA) and following, was transferred to the Loma Linda University Medical Center’s IC unit.

As soon as we found out, our family urgently reunited itself from all over the world (Cora had to fly from Israel and Alexandra drove down as soon as she found out) to be at Emil’s bedside.

We were informed he is diagnosed with a large left brain ischemic stroke, from which we were told initially, that the chances of recovery are rather slim.

The 9 days he spent in the Loma Linda hospital have proved that prognosis to be different.

Under the care of an extremely capable and wonderful staff and in response to all the prayers, Emil’s state had began steadily improving.

It is worth mentioning that the LLUMC is a Seven Day Adventist hospital, where most of the staff are believers and this fact alone helped greatly as doctors and nurses were joining us in prayer over his bed. It was a wonderful fellowship as we all witnessed God’s hand at work, bringing miraculous healing where it was uncertain that there could be any.

To the doctors’ surprise and our great relief,  Emil’s mobility increased day by day, his comprehension and memory proved to be very good, although his speaking, reading and writing were considerably affected.

By the time of his discharge the doctors declared that he is blessed to be in the very small percentage of patients that suffer a stroke of this size and can actually have hopes of 100% recovery. They did inform us though that recovery will take time, patience and hard work on all our behalf, especially Emil’s.

Another difficult aspect of this incident was finding out that unfortunately for this research trip there was no extended traveller insurance, which put Emil on self-pay status as far as medical bills are concerned. As we all know, US medical bills are rather scary especially when for his situation we are looking at a 6 figure bill.

In hopes of some clemency, we have written a letter to LLUMC explaining this special case and asking them to consider his work as a Christian Creationist Speaker for a non-profit organization, when assessing our financial aid claim.

We are currently waiting for an answer on this matter from both the Redlands and Loma Linda Hospitals.

While in Loma Linda we were graciously hosted by the Brandstater family, who have been a great support for us, as hosts and friends while also providing crucial assistance with medical matters. Dr. Brandstater is a Professor of Anesthesiology within the Loma Linda University and Medical Center; his presence and expertise made a huge difference in dealing with the extensive logistics of hospitalization.

After Emil’s discharge we slowly and carefully made our way back up to Canada, as the drive is quite long and tiring. We had to stop as often as possible and make sure that Emil gets to stretch and move around.

And finally we arrived home, exhausted but so happy and grateful to have Emil with us and see his relief while setting foot in the house…


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