May 2012

After settling in and adjusting our rhythm to the new conditions, we began our work as a family to create the healthiest and most supportive environment we can for our dearest caveman 🙂

The aspect that we immediately focused on is connecting Emil to all possible options of continued care. In doing so we have began to realize what a daunting task this is, as the first appointment we could book with our family doctor was a week after we arrived…

From then on, this has been the common theme for all following appointments and referrals…

The stroke clinic took another week before he could go in for an assessment.

Stroke rehabilitation has programmed his first appointment for speech evaluation at the of May! This is by far the most crucial help he needs right now and it is quite discouraging to have no guarantee of prompt and readily available assistance.

His first cardiologist appointment is not due for another month…

To say that we are frustrated by this and feeling helpless is an understatement.

We have been repeatedly told by the doctors in Loma Linda that the first 3 months are the most important as far as therapy is concerned.

At this point we are doing our best to provide him with home therapy. We have been studying and researching ever available method of home therapy. Different software, books, specialist recommended techniques, we are trying everything.

Emil’s speech is getting better every day, but the size of his stroke combined with the complexity of a multilingual high IQ brain is definitely a challenge. Simple methods are not very efficient when you have 5 different versions of the same word in 5 different languages. He is very determined to recover completely though and that is the best weapon we have on this journey of healing

It has been trying for us as a family to juggle all aspects of life while putting the main focus on Emil, but the continued support of close friends and the prayers that are sent our way every day have been a huge pillar of strength in this process.



  1. Dear Emil and Flory and Family,
    We continue to lift you up in prayer and desire to support you in every way. Thank you for providing this blog as it helps us and others understand fully what you are facing and how we might be able to help in a practical way. You are so special to us and we trust that the Lord, whose mercies are new every morning, will be your refuge and strength, an ever present help in time of trouble.
    Love Dave, Sandy, Matt and Ally
    Psalm 91

  2. Great to hear that there has been a appointment for speech therapy. How did it go? We continue to pray for all of you!

    Cal and Ang

    1. We thought so as well, but it was only an evaluation, getting proper speech therapy continues to be very difficult. We are still waiting for the home therapist our family doctor promised would come.

  3. Thank you so much for the detailed updates. We will continue to lift you all up in prayer. May God comfort you all in these trying times and continue to give you strength and carry you through.

  4. Dear Silvestru family,

    I was so devastated to hear this news tonight (Paul Gosselin informed us on CRSNet, after I had cited Emil in a letter). I was just showing a video of yours, Emil, to someone tonight (a couple here on my site:, and remarking how much I sure appreciate you. So you had better just keep struggling through one day at a time brother! And you too wonderful family! God bless you guys, and strengthen you, one morning/evening at a time.


    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts Nick, we deeply appreciate the prayers and support of all our dear friends! This is indeed a difficult time and as you say, one day at a time is the only way we can make it through it… God bless you and much love from the Emil and the family.

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