July 2012

To give you a bit of perspective on the financial part of the situation, things are not looking very good for the next while. Until Emil can go back to work, the already modest income him and Flory had, has been reduced to basically government help.

Employment insurance has not begun yet and will only be available for a few weeks, while applying for disability aid is a lengthy process that will hopefully be finished in 3-4 months!

As it stands these two sources are the only ones that Emil and Flory will be surviving from and as you all know, surviving is the most you can do on government aid.

Meanwhile the already difficult financial situation has been made even more tricky by the final notices from the hospitals in California, announcing us that we owe them over 120.000$ in medical charges. This has come after making multiple applications towards being considered a charity case, since Emil was in full-time Christian ministry and could certainly be considered as such an exception.

This enormous amount is the best offer on their part, after considering our applications.

At this point we are not sure what more can be done, as sadly, every day living survival is in question and large medical bills seem almost impossible to consider in this context.

We are exploring all possible options and trying to find solutions that can carry us through this period while leaving minimum damage.

We do find ourselves in need of support and advice, as we are overwhelmed trying to juggle between all the logistic aspects we are faced with.

The priority as it stands, is to find a viable way for Emil and Flory to cover living expenses while Emil continues his recovery and will once again be able to go back to work.

Again, we are truly grateful to all the friends who have helped and supported us, we wouldn’t have been able to even make it so far without your help!

God’s blessings from Emil, Flory, Alexandra & Cora.



  1. Emil, Flory, Alexandra and Cora

    We appreciate you all so very much and are praying for a full recovery of Emil that he may be restored to the place God has for him. I was very encouraged by the report of Emil’s progress when I spoke with you both on the phone last evening. It was encouraging to hear of of his progress even though this road is a difficult process for both of you and yet I see how God is working in both your lives to make you closer and stronger as a couple and a team.

    I was also encouraged that God is also meeting your needs Flory as this has been a tremendous challenge for you and has taxed you greatly. Had it not been for you attending to Emil’s needs it would be hard to say where Emil would be. However your great love and commitment to your husband does not go unnoticed. May God continue to give you Grace and strengthen you at this time also. It is also wonderful to see how your daughters have sacrificed their lives giving up some of their plans to see your needs taken care of. I believe God will reward them both for their commitment to you both and they will not be lacking but his grace will be multiplied upon them for their love for you.

    Even though you are in the midst of this great trial I believe that God will see you through this time to bring the the changes He desires for you both in becoming more like Christ for his Glory. I believe not only will God provide your financial need but will meet every other need. Our hearts go out to you both and we are standing with you in this trial. We will do whatever we can through God’s grace to help you.

    “And my God shall supply all your need according to HIs riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:19

    “For the Lord God is a sun and shield: The Lord will give grace and glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Ps. 84:11

    Love Andy and Kathy Pratt and family
    Prince George, BC

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