A New Year 2013

Here is finally the update you have all been waiting for and which we ask apologies for not being able to update sooner. As you might have noticed the updates are written by either me or Alexandra. This is one of the ways we help our parents. But the last few months were also for us, full of events as Alexandra is continuing her university studies and I’ve been very busy taking care of the legal procedures of my husband’s immigration papers. All of this while doing our best to be here at Emil and Flory’s side with and throughout various chores.

It has been a hard road, many intense months of work regarding Emil’s physical and verbal recovery. Many daily exercises, appointments and trips to the doctor, a lot of waiting, medications prescribed and re-prescribed or even eliminated, many different opinions about same issue, a lot of confusion which way to go. There were also many anxious moments since Emil’s blood pressure was soaring up and down, which during Christmas lead to an incident that brought Emil to emergency, where he had to undergo the stopping and restoring of his heart. The doctors cannot seem to understand what is the cause of his unstable blood pressure. Now thanks to our Gracious Lord, the blood pressure is more stable and Emil can focus more easily upon his reading and writing, which it seems that it will take him another few good months in order to be able to regain his abilities entirely. You can imagine that because of the this the financial situation does not look at all promising at the moment. It seems that the only thing there is to do is to pray, wait for Emil’s recovery and his return to work.

As for Flory, being by Emil’s side and caring for him full heartedly ( cooking, exercising and assisting him in all there is to do) has taken a toll on her health. She has been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in the spine, which has brought her in absolutely terrible pain and there were a few events where she was simply immobilized. CT Scans also show that there are  2 nerves caught between the vertebras that cannot be released without a fairly dangerous operation ( high changes of paralysis). Please pray for us and for Flory as we decide whether surgery is a wise thing to do at this moment.

But throughout all this time we have not lost hope, our faith in our heavenly Father growing stronger every day, knowing that all things are happening in God’s time.
There has not been a day in which we have not been grateful for those that God chose to help and support us in prayers and financially.
We really do not have enough words of gratitude for you!

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers, your inquiries and your support!

The Silvestru Family

PS. I have attached a photocopy of Flory’s medical diagnosis, in regards to her back problems.
If any of you are more informed on the matter, or have any suggestions ( therapies, skilled people to go to , or perhaps personal experiences) please
write us, as we shall cherish you input and use it as much as we can for the soon to be taken decision.

ST scan 1


1 Comment

  1. I am so sad to read this blog and learn what chalanges my good friend Emil and family is going trough.
    Dear friend, I was thinking about you lately, I was thinking to call you, see how life is treating you and your family. Tonight I typed your name on google and found out… I found out about your challenge, about your wife’s challenge, about your daughters and their challenges… I realy am sad to have read all that you are going trough but also happy to read that you are recovering.
    You are sooo lucky and blessed to have your family by your side. That alone is the greatest medicine for your soul and a great motivation to get back to your healthy self. I know you can do it and I hope to talk to you soon.
    We wish you, Flory, Alexandra si Cora all the best we can wish.
    Radu Iatan & family.

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