Spring time 2013


Many of us know that all things happen in God’s time. It is in this time we are happy to be and recognize he knows much better what is good for us. We are so great greatfull for the step by step recovery. There is a good physical recovery, and the delicate part, reading and writing, is still worked on. Now more than ever we ask for your support and prayers, as Emil so immensely wishes to return to working for God.

It is now a year since Emil’s stroke. We trust that this year his recovery will be complete.

Thanks to all of you that have been by our side through this time of trials.

Flory Silvestru


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  1. After hearing of Emil’s stroke, I heard nothing more until this evening. I am glad to have found your blog. My thoughts are with all of you as this long road I’m sure has been difficult to walk.
    Flory, may the Lord relieve some of your back pain. The combination of conditions makes ‘treatment’ both a challenge and a risk. Please don’t be persuaded to perform unusual exercises or take strange concoctions; the latter will not help you and the former may cripple you. I lost 1.5″ height before my 45th year, with compressed discs and reduced feeling/response in both legs, and occasional sciatica. We can live with pain, although it can fatigue our bodies and sometimes our spirits. We will be whole when Christ restores all things; for now we may have to endure suffering of all sorts.
    May you experience God’s blessing in your lives as you place yourselves into His hands. We hope Emil will return to all or nearly all of his function; I enjoyed ‘meeting’ you through a short interchange involving a local emergent community blog site – Agnes Day!
    Blessings and peace in Jesus Christ.

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