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IMG_6510At the end of this year (2014) also important year in my recovery, I would like to update you a little on my progress.

When it happened 2.5 years ago, my mind was ‘foggy’, my balance was flimsy and I had aphasia (I could not speak, read and write). Flory, my angel and wife started immediately to train me (she is a professional physiotherapist ) and in about 2 months my body was good.

As some still remember, about 2 hours after I ‘came back’ there was just a few words. Certainly, with God, with prayers, hope and working hard, improvement is evident, slowly but surely. Several doctors said that my improvement will be for one or maybe two years and than it will probably stay always the same. Yet doctor Jill Bolte Taylor (PhD in neuroanatomist at Harvard Medical School) had a stroke back in 1996 (at 37 of age).Her left hemisphere was damaged and underwent a major brain surgery three weeks later. She had 8 long years to recover and she is now back in university. You can see her TedTalk story here

I know that every single human is different, some come back better, some less. Age, health, motivation, education levels are all very important as well. Above all,to me, God was and is the most important and because of that I will not stop to exercise and to have hope and faith.

Financially things are difficult as the only income I have is through my disability status, but I am hoping that I will be able to work in the future before my pension years.

For all of you who read my letter, thank you for understanding, prayers and help. My other email is   ( my is stopped).



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  1. Hello Emil and Flory. Good to see that you have a blog! I just was up at the Thanksgiving cabin upgrading the water heater. It now is propane fired, but takes a heckuva long time to heat up. But I have installed a shower too.
    It rained until the Pelton Wheel shut down, and the water pressure decreased. I guess something happened up there but I didn’t go see. Glad to be home again. By the way, tore out my carpets. Getting Maple flooring soon. [that should be “whose”] [is that in Florys Cave?] Bill

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