October 2015

The Fall for me as well…
by Emil Silvestru

It is autumn again and around the Harrison Lake the leaves are turning yellow, red and brown. Still there is no frost. Although it is the 22nd of October 2015 having no frost means the winter will be probably be harsh. For the last several years several in British Columbia, around 15 of October the temperature plummeted to -10º C for about 10 days and then came back to above 0º C until the end of December. Well, we will see if it will happen again or not!

What I really like to remember is my young days of caving and how difficult it was to go in the mountains of Romania at the time of Communism. We had no cars so we had to go with trains and buses and then go for many kilometers on foot, with heavy rucksack of gear and tent and food. Many time all we had was a big chunk of pure lard with some bread and onion… Nevertheless we where doing this because there were more the 6,000 cave surveys in Romania at that time (the 1970s). I do not know how many more new caves have been found but almost certainly above 7,000.

Ever since my family and I arrived in BC (2005), we always went to Vancouver Island whenever we could, at least once every year. Well, except in 2012 when I had my stroke and Flory was very focused to have my physical training back to normal, and yes, she succeed 100%! Next year, in 2016 (if I am still here…)  it will be 50 years since I started caving, but Flory is the first that to have her own cave in Canada: Flory’s Cave (Vancouver Island) where she found an interesting blue mineral.





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  1. Good to hear the news. Last we remember seeing you both was fond memories of the whirlwind trip to the Princess Mary Rose cave in Victoria and then to one of the Naracoorte caves in South Australia.

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