The old civilization of Europa

by Emil Silvestru

In Europa the Basque people have the highest number of (28%) blood type 0 whit Rh negative individuals; the lowest number is present in the Lapps and Finnish: 5%. Nobody really knows why, and yet this is very important for the oldest people in Europe.

In the east, in the Georgian population, the blood type 0 with Rh negative is also high.

There is also a small community in Romania, in the Apuseni  Mountains (a mountain range in the West of Transylvania). The people known as “moț” (“motz” in English). There is a mystery regarding the origin of name “moț” in Romanian, but the “moț” exist only in a particular area. It is interesting that these people are predominantly blood type 0 but in Romania there is now clear data regarding percentage of Rh negative. However, what I found is that in France (in the Basque County), there is a town named Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle Amotz! In the Basque language “amotz” means “short” and the people of Basques are indeed shorter, just as the moț  (in Transylvania) are shorter! Of course this could be just coincidence…

The languages of the Basque and the Georgians are similar and unique, and much older that the Indo-European languages. Even today, in 2015 there is still a debate about the Basque and Georgian languages.
I believe that the old European civilization was started at the end of the Mesolithic age (see my previous note – EMIL 5). The last glaciation was still ongoing in Europa and the Black Sea was cut off from the Mediterranean Sea. About the Black Sea there is still a debate today: was there a big flood or not? Ryan and Pitman’s hypothesis ( believe there was a flood (Figure 1):


and that around 7600 year ago, the Mediterranean Sea flooded the Black Sea through the Bosphorus gorge.
Other scientists don’t believe there was any flood at all.

In an article written some time ago (, I argue that the Black Sea out-flooded toward the Mediterranean Sea and not the other way around.

Going back to Dr. Gimbutas’ findings (my note Emil 6), what actually happened was that the last Ice Age started to melt quickly (at the end of Mesolithic age) and (see my note Emil 5) a part of the people gradually wanted to go to the west of Europa:

America native 1                                                                                                                                                                                                    Figure 2 (added by me): New Scientist, 2014, February 15-21, p.8-10.

I suggest that the Georgian people, possibly the motz people and the Basque people are still here as the only survivors of the old civilization.

After the Flood, 4 couples remained on the planet and started populating the Earth again: Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. Europa and Asia became later the most populated areas in the world and this all started with Japheth.  Also, the fact that the first writing was in Transylvania (see my previous post- Emil 6) is significant, because it means that this is the forefather of Japheth, and that Noah was already writing and reading in just one language.


Europa 1Just a few centuries later, more and more languages emerged.


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