Asteroid, comet and Younger Dryas

As the ice age was beginning to be reduced, something happened suddenly and a very cold span started for many hundreds of years. It is known that it started with a comet or asteroid (or both), with airbursts and impacts and there are clear examples of microspherules, nano-diamonds and iridium1,2  not only in America but also in Europe and Australia. The Lake Agassiz changed suddenly from south to the east3 and all ocean levels  rose for up to 2 meters4. The name of this is “the Younger Dryes” and I believe there is much more actually happening than the official “story” tells. The big lakes around the world became very quickly deserts: Sahara, Atacama, (Arabian Peninsula) Rub’ al Khali6; (Asia) Taklamakan; (North America) Lake Bonneville, Lake Lahontan7. In the case of South America, Argentino Lake and Videma Lake were much larger but most of them were draining into the Atlantic Ocean. When all lakes drain very quickly, the oceans rise much more than 2 meters, and in this case we can see that the big lakes were draining into the oceans and the sediments were accumulating. All because of Younger Dryes Event (YDE). If we look at the time frame (in different scientific papers) and stead of considering a period of many thousands of years, the simpler solution is to assume that it was less than 1000 years in total. If so, let’s see some of the events happening one after the other.  


There was a big tsunami in the east of the Atlantic, long time ago which was known as  “Doggerland”. It made the ocean rise by 3 meters8 they say, and created some sort of a slide. Yet, if we consider that there was instead a comet or an asteroid or even better, a succession of asteroid fragments1,2, the “Doggerland” becomes more probable. 

In 1985 a cave named Cosquer (near Marseille) was found, with lots of rock art very similar to the cave of Lascaux9. What was different about this particular cave is the fact that a good part of it is submerged under the Mediterranean Sea. During the ice age, all oceans were up to 150 m lower and Cave of Cosquer was above the sea. Then, very quickly (YDE), the global oceans rose by 150 m and not only art but even most Mesolithic culture disappeared10.     

Considering all this, I personally believe that the all oceans rose and animals and people changed  considerably in a very short time. It was also the time when the megafauna died very quickly, including mammals inside cave now as troglophiles.

6. chrome-extension://jdbefljfgobbmcidnmpjamcbhnbphjnb/

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