As the ice age was beginning to be reduced, something happened suddenly and a very cold span started for many hundreds of years. It is known that it started with a comet or asteroid (or both), with airbursts and impacts and there are clear examples of microspherules, nano-diamonds and iridium1,2  not only in America but […]

Când Marea Britanie a ales să intre prin ieșire, adică după cum scria odată I. L. Caragiale: Farfuridi: ”Din două una, dați-mi voie: ori să se revizuiască, primesc! Dar să nu se schimbe nimica; ori să nu se revizuiască, primesc! dar atunci să se schimbe pe ici pe colo, și anume în punctele… esențiale… Din […]

Foarte recent ( s-a găsit în Peștera Bruniquel (foto mai jos), aproape de Toulouse, Franța, un fel de sanctuar religios, construit de neanderthalieni. Foto: Peștera Bruniquel, Franța Circumferința este de 7 metri, iar stalactitele au fost sparte în peșteră și adunate într-un singur loc, la 365 de metri de la intrarea în peșteră. Este vorba […]

Am avut o perioadă când eram un evoluționist convins, mai exact crezut sincer în macro-evoluție, pentru că micro-evoluția este științific dovedită. Ca geolog, așa am învățat și așa am preluat. Aprofundând cunoștințele mele și printr-un studiu laborios, am ajuns la concluzia că ceva nu este ‘koser’. Cum adică, de la microb la om? De la […]

When I was 5 years old, I entered to the cave for the first time, with my father and mother behind. Later the same year I started to read and write and I finished reading my first book. It was a science fiction and of course it was a Russian book (this was in 1960s […]

by Emil Silvestru In Europa the Basque people have the highest number of (28%) blood type 0 whit Rh negative individuals; the lowest number is present in the Lapps and Finnish: 5%. Nobody really knows why, and yet this is very important for the oldest people in Europe. In the east, in the Georgian population, […]

Romanians had writing 2000 years before the Sumerians and Egyptians did!   by Emil Silvestru Dr. Marija Gimbutas (1921 -1994) was a Lithuanian-American archaeologist, specialized in Proto-Indo-European or “Old  Europa” culture. Gimbutas  wrote many books, but one which I believe is very important is “Civilization of the Goddess – the World of Old Europe” (Harper, […]

by Emil Silvestru The standard geological time cited here does not represent my personal views.   Recently the first complete genome analysis was accomplished. The site was accidentally found when a construction worker (in Montana) found a skeleton. It was a small child (who died at only 3 years of age) and it became known […]

The Fall for me as well… by Emil Silvestru It is autumn again and around the Harrison Lake the leaves are turning yellow, red and brown. Still there is no frost. Although it is the 22nd of October 2015 having no frost means the winter will be probably be harsh. For the last several years […]