Foarte recent ( s-a găsit în Peștera Bruniquel (foto mai jos), aproape de Toulouse, Franța, un fel de sanctuar religios, construit de neanderthalieni. Foto: Peștera Bruniquel, Franța Circumferința este de 7 metri, iar stalactitele au fost sparte în peșteră și adunate într-un singur loc, la 365 de metri de la intrarea în peșteră. Este vorba […]

When I was 5 years old, I entered to the cave for the first time, with my father and mother behind. Later the same year I started to read and write and I finished reading my first book. It was a science fiction and of course it was a Russian book (this was in 1960s […]

Being a cave-man all my life, one time I discovered a very old musical instrument, I named the “rocklophone” (not xylophone). Inside a cave, sometimes perfect crystals can produce musical notes.Being a geologist and being very curious if a crystal can move, I lightly hit these crystals with the tip of my fingers and to my […]