In 2018 a new book called “A Chronology of Art – A Time of Western Culture from Prehistory to the Present” edited by Iain Zaczek (Thames & Hudson). Seldom I’ve seen such a strange and bias book!   The fact they ignore the oldest temple in the world – Göbekli Tepe, 11000 years ago in […]

  Photo: Tateos Nihogosia For some time now, I’ve been pondering about the civilization called Urartu, which – according to classical archeology – was for about 300 years a kingdom (after the collapse of the Hittite empire) and was later destroyed by the Meds. About this civilization we find written evidence in the Bible as […]

I’ve been talking about the climate for a while now. Back then is was called “the global warming” than “climate change” and now “climate disruption” (only in scientific circles). Why not call it old-fashion “climate is dynamic”?  But then, that wouldn’t sound so politically charged would it ? I’ve been pondering for a long time, […]

Poate am sa șochez, poate am sa înfurii, poate nu … Mare lucru! Până la urmă, ori cine poate să spună ori ce, de vreme ce social media este rege?     Nu știu dacă istoria mai este importantă sau măcar interesantă! Astăzi – cred eu – majoritatea tinerilor sunt interesați mai mult de sex […]

As the ice age was beginning to be reduced, something happened suddenly and a very cold span started for many hundreds of years. It is known that it started with a comet or asteroid (or both), with airbursts and impacts and there are clear examples of microspherules, nano-diamonds and iridium1,2  not only in America but […]

by Emil Silvestru In Europa the Basque people have the highest number of (28%) blood type 0 whit Rh negative individuals; the lowest number is present in the Lapps and Finnish: 5%. Nobody really knows why, and yet this is very important for the oldest people in Europe. In the east, in the Georgian population, […]

Romanians had writing 2000 years before the Sumerians and Egyptians did!   by Emil Silvestru Dr. Marija Gimbutas (1921 -1994) was a Lithuanian-American archaeologist, specialized in Proto-Indo-European or “Old  Europa” culture. Gimbutas  wrote many books, but one which I believe is very important is “Civilization of the Goddess – the World of Old Europe” (Harper, […]

by Emil Silvestru The standard geological time cited here does not represent my personal views.   Recently the first complete genome analysis was accomplished. The site was accidentally found when a construction worker (in Montana) found a skeleton. It was a small child (who died at only 3 years of age) and it became known […]