In 2018 a new book called “A Chronology of Art – A Time of Western Culture from Prehistory to the Present” edited by Iain Zaczek (Thames & Hudson). Seldom I’ve seen such a strange and bias book!   The fact they ignore the oldest temple in the world – Göbekli Tepe, 11000 years ago in […]

by Emil Silvestru The standard geological time cited here does not represent my personal views.   Recently the first complete genome analysis was accomplished. The site was accidentally found when a construction worker (in Montana) found a skeleton. It was a small child (who died at only 3 years of age) and it became known […]

The Fall for me as well… by Emil Silvestru It is autumn again and around the Harrison Lake the leaves are turning yellow, red and brown. Still there is no frost. Although it is the 22nd of October 2015 having no frost means the winter will be probably be harsh. For the last several years […]

Listen. Try to speak only if it is good for others. All my life I spoke a lot but now it’ll be different. I started to write and read a bit. It is like starting all over again, but very slow. As a man it seems a lot, for God is nothing really! How about for ever?  So I will listen more and […]

Hi Many of us know that all things happen in God’s time. It is in this time we are happy to be and recognize he knows much better what is good for us. We are so great greatfull for the step by step recovery. There is a good physical recovery, and the delicate part, reading and […]