Listen. Try to speak only if it is good for others. All my life I spoke a lot but now it’ll be different. I started to write and read a bit. It is like starting all over again, but very slow. As a man it seems a lot, for God is nothing really! How about for ever?  So I will listen more and […]

Hi Many of us know that all things happen in God’s time. It is in this time we are happy to be and recognize he knows much better what is good for us. We are so great greatfull for the step by step recovery. There is a good physical recovery, and the delicate part, reading and […]

Here is finally the update you have all been waiting for and which we ask apologies for not being able to update sooner. As you might have noticed the updates are written by either me or Alexandra. This is one of the ways we help our parents. But the last few months were also for […]

Hello to all our dear friends and colleagues! Please forgive our long gap in updating the blog, but we’ve been caught up in the bureaucratic world of disability applications and medical tests. We are happy to tell you that we see a considerable improvement in Emil’s speech, reading and writing abilities while his communication is […]

To give you a bit of perspective on the financial part of the situation, things are not looking very good for the next while. Until Emil can go back to work, the already modest income him and Flory had, has been reduced to basically government help. Employment insurance has not begun yet and will only […]

After settling in and adjusting our rhythm to the new conditions, we began our work as a family to create the healthiest and most supportive environment we can for our dearest caveman 🙂 The aspect that we immediately focused on is connecting Emil to all possible options of continued care. In doing so we have […]

Dear friends, As some of you may know our family has been recently faced with a sad event and a great challenge… On April 3rd, during a research trip in California, Emil has suffered an unexpected medical emergency. Emil and Flory were in Loma Linda at the invitation of their friend Dr. Brandstater, when suddenly […]

Welcome to Dr. Emil Silvestru’s blog! We have created this blog in response to Emil’s recent medical emergency,so we can keep our friends and colleagues all over the world updated with the progress of Emil’s recovery and our family’s situation. We thank you all dearly for your thoughts, prayers, and support! The Silvestru Family